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William C Morin Sr Foundation

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Mentors Lay the Foundation for

Successful Grant Funded Projects

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:: The role of the mentor::
within the William C. Morin Sr Foundation is twofold

The first is to act as the foundation's ambassador to local youth. This is performed by scheduling time at local high schools to speak with students in either a large assembly or small group setting.

The second role is as an advisor to students with project ideas. The mentor brings additional outside relationships, personal skills, and a connection to the rest of the foundation board.  The goal is to help the students maximize the effectiveness of their projects; while  setting realistic budget and timeline expectations, and at the same time polishing a professional project pitch.  

The work is personally rewarding as you see firsthand the talent and dedication of young people wanting to make the world a better place and have a hand in focusing that energy into something tangible.

We are currently recruiting "pros" interested in being mentors in
Rochester (NY), Buffalo (NY), Brooklyn (NY) and Greenville, SC.

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